ARKITEIKNA may be pronounced "Archi-Teykna" or "Archi-Techna" and is a derivative of the words Architecture and Drawing in Icelandic.

Founder Thór Jónsson has over 20 progressive years experience in building design, planning and construction. Formally educated with two Bachelor of Science degrees from the School of Architecture at the University of Washington, brings a well rounded education and experience skillset.

Thór grew up in Iceland, moving to the USA with parents as a teenager. Growing up in a Scandinavian country and particularly in Iceland sets a frame of reference to nature not found elsewhere. The country's rugged beauty, endless summer light, abundance of water, sparse vegetation and rock formations give a unique perspective on the design approach. Iceland's unique nature and Scandinavian building sensibility, influence Thór´s approach to artistically express building forms and living environments.

Pragmatically, Thór´s approach to building design was to not only acquire collegiate education but to experience hands on construction immediately after graduation to better understand building design details and construction management. This hands on construction experience early on allows for drawings that make a closer connection to the contractors who actually build from the plans. This reduces questions from the field for a smoother flowing and efficient project.

Subsequently, years of design, planning and project management provide a solid background to approach projects with experience and efficiency.

Arkiteikna is a small firm with alliances in architecture to handle most commercial projects particularly in the fields of corporate interiors, lab design, and smaller base buildings that strive to achieve a unique sculptural and design driven approach. We are aligned with the architecture studio in West Los Angeles which many of the photographed projects have be completed jointly.

  Traditional Icelandic Architecture   Modern Icelandic Architecture - Designed by Icelandic firm Minarc  
  Typical landscape and access to the wilderness. Thorsmörk, Iceland   Thór in front of a boulder launched several kilometers from the nearby volcano Eyjafjallajökull in the 1960´s  
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